Coming Soon: SEO For CEOs Ebook


Are you a CEO, Manager or Director of a company that needs to get some SEO help from developers or Search Engine Consultants? The problem most business leaders face is a lack of understanding of what SEO is, and what the techniques are. The other problem is the lack of time most people have to actually learn SEO techniques so that they can converse with the consultants and not be taken advantage of.

This is where the SEO For CEOs ebook comes in.

This book is not the definitive guide to how to do your own SEO, but is more of a quick ‘what you should know about SEO for business’ so that you can easily manage the project and not be taken by consultants that are just out for your money.

The book is written as both a quick read and a down-to-basics reference manual for when you’re starting to get involved in your company’s SEO strategy.


Check back soon for a sample of the book, with a publishing date of October 2012!


 Want to know when the SEO For CEOs is out?

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