Leave your house looking like a champ. A great pattern to get into is to always leave your house looking like you are ready to take over the world. You can’t take the chance of running into a potential employer or client or new acquaintance looking like you just woke up. This does require a few minutes extra in your schedule but its worth it. You’ve seen those photos of celebrities when they’re looking their worst. Baggy pants, just woke up look. If this is the look you’re going for then live it out loud. If you’re wanting to impress people, then you need to take the time. This also applies to single guys/girls as you never know who you’ll meet while you’re out.

Getting ready to go out doesn’t have to be a major task. It just requires some patience and planning. Before heading out, take off those sweatpants and that ripped Van Halen t-shirt and get into something more appropriate. Stand in front of your bathroom mirror and make sure your hair is good, eyes are clear and there is no sesame seed from lunch in your teeth.

This may sound vain and self-centered, but that is our society. We live on looks. And you don’t want to run into someone important looking like you just woke up.

Becoming a respected professional requires you to be aware of yourself and how you look. So look your best before going out.

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