Patience is not one of my strong points. So when it comes to building blogs, I’m learning to be calm as it grows.

This seems to be one of the biggest problems for bloggers. There are over 200 Million blogs on the internet, but everyone assumes that as soon as they post something that they find ingenious then they’ll skyrocket to the top of everyone’s list. Its only the bloggers who bring new ideas and have been patiently growing that are at the top. If you do a blog search for most subscribers, your list will most likely hold blogs that have been around for 6+ years. It takes time to build followers, and time for followers to work their way through the jungle of blogs to find ones they find important.

So when you’re blogging, don’t give up if after the first month or year you don’t seem to have many hits. Its only after you have a good base of posts that people will start noticing and reading and then telling their friends.

Patience and persistence are a need-to-have quality for any new blogger. Without this, all you’ll have are 5 posts and a WordPress account that you never use.

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