Its been a week since I got the Archos 101 tablet. Being an Apple person (4 Macs and 3 ipods in my house) it was a hard decision to move to an android instead of an iPad. I’ve played with the apps over the past week, getting advice from various people. So far, here are my first impressions of the device.

The Archos 101 is larger than the iPad by 12%. Its not as wide as the ipad but is longer, more widescreen, which make it easier to hold vertically, much better than an iPad. It has a built-in stand for easy viewing. Reading ebooks at this size is very easy. Can be held vertically or horz and either way looks good. Had to download a few ereaders before I found one that works the best. (Didn’t like the Kindle app so far…)
It has 2 USB slots, a HDMI out and a slot for an SD memory card.
The touch screen works very well. It scrolls easily and fast. Typing works just like the ipad but with multiple choices for typing setup.
The tablet has Bluetooth setup in it to allow wireless keyboards and mice, which I haven’t got the chance to try yet.
So far the battery life seems pretty decent.
I’m really getting to like the Android system. It allows for more changes in the OS like the basic launching page or customizing any icon. Plus it runs flash.

Right now because the Archos is so new getting accessories is difficult. Cases barely exist like those for the ipad.
The same goes for android apps set up for the tablet. The android app market doesn’t carry many for tablets yet, tho most do work. I’m annoyed with the auto spelling correct tho, as it constantly changes ‘Archos’ to ‘Archie’. I mean come on. Really?
The Archos doesn’t have data plans yet. So only wifi is available.
I’m also having an issue with GPS and voice activation, and a lack of resources keeps me from finding out things. I’m not 100% sold on the Android because its frozen on me a couple of times and doesn’t let me know what happened.
Oh, one more con is that its harder to connect the Archos to a mac computer than a PC. It automatically connects to a PC via wireless for transfers, whereas I need to physically connect it to the mac to transfer anything. Working on that problem now tho, as some apps apparently can connect with the macs.

Overall I’m addicted to this tablet. While I know it’ll be hard to find accessories for now, I’m liking the possibilities and openness of Android. And I’m very excited to see where the apps and accessories will go in the future.

BTW, this was typed on my Archos very easily. I can type on it with two hands or one hand using all the fingers (easy enough).

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