Time is a very precious comodity, and watching a Twitter feed all day can take up much of it if you want to stay up on the news. So what’s the solutions? Ignore what comes up in Twitter?

Well thankfully someone thought of this. I heard of a website thanks to a podcast by Neville Hobson (@jangles). The website is called Paper.li and it posts a custom digital ‘Newspaper’ of your Twitter feed based on what the people you follow post. You have to start an account and create a new feed for yourself, which gives you your own link. It updates itself once every 24 hours, so every morning or night or whenever you can go and see what the biggest news for the day was.

Some very cool things that Paper.li lets you do are create a few different types of newspapers, including ones using different Twitter lists or hash tags. On each paper it also seperates the news into different categories like Top Stories, Media, Education, Business, and Entertainment. It bases what stories it covers on amount of retweets. It even includes linked photos!

The service is free, and lets you choose to automatically publish a tweet to Twitter when a new ‘Edition’ of your paper comes out (every 24 hours).

Check out my current edition here: www.paper.li/aaron_robb

Let me know if you create an edition in the comments below!

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