For those addicted to the ever-growing world of location apps, there is yet another venue to check-in to. There are places, businesses, TV shows, and now: roads. That’s right, you can now check-in, get points and challenge other people by driving places. Waze is free navigation app that is mapping out the roads of North America and giving people points for doing so. Its fully real-time which allows people to post updates of traffic delays, construction, weather, etc.

How it works is you check in when you begin your trip and it tracks your trip via GPS. You get points for collecting data on new roads that aren’t in the system yet. It records the data from your driving of average speeds, directions, etc. Waze allows you to talk with other users on the network and you can move the map to see updates down the road to prepare for any delays or changes.

Its made for iPhone, Android and Blackberry and getting into others as it gets more developed.

Its mostly US based, so our Canadian roads are not fully mapped out, and there are less users, but its growing every day. Since its user-based, its the maps are updated every day as more people use it.

I can see this being very useful as both navigation and communication of problems in the road ahead as more .

You can check out the info video here:

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