Google is Now Showing ‘Missing’ Keywords in SERPs

This looks like it just popped up today, but in Google’s search results, there is now a line under what looks like the first two or three results that says ‘missing:’ and shows what search term you had that these sites didn’t show.
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What’s interesting about this, is that recently Google’s been showing search results with the full keyword below and then having one or two terms crossed out that it didn’t find on those pages. The idea is that Google wants to show you some results that may not have all the keywords you wanted, but still may be relevant. This new look suggests that it is going for a more streamlined approach to showing results, as per the Hummingbird update.

This is probably only one of the changes we’ll see over the next year as the new algorithm slowly pushes into Google’s search pages.

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  1. Misa says:

    It’s a very annoying change. Google, when I type in three keywords, those three words are what I want to search for. Nothing more, and nothing less. If I want something different, I’ll change the search terms myself, thank you very much.

    Google just loves to change shit that ain’t broke.

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