If you thought that last winter’s “Look at your man, now back to me” Old Spice commercial was their first big creative foray into fun and unique TV ads, you haven’t seen anything yet. Persistance pays off as they’ve had the idea of continuous shots and interesting monologues for a few years now, as we see by Bruce Campbell and Neil Patrick Harris:
Bruce Part One:

Bruce Part Two (very creepy):

Neil Part One:

Old Spice proves that when you get a concept in mind, create and expand on it until you find what really works.

So why did the most recent Old Spice Guy commercial go viral, gaining them publicity and numerous copy cats? What do we have now that they were missing three years ago? Answer: The largest online group of people (in history) sharing what they see as something special. Social media is a new answer to an old question: how to get people to talk about a brand.

I’m kinda sad that Bruce didn’t get the recognition he really deserves.

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