If you’ve ever watched people in a crowded area you’ll notice a couple different dynamics depending on the amount of people in each group.

You’ll get the couples who quietly talk to themselves, concentrating on each other and trying not to cause much attention. Then on the other end of the spectrum, there will be a group of 10+ teens. They will be talking loud, self-assured, and trying to keep attention focused on them.

Why the difference between these people and the quiet couple? Because when you are in a group you feel braver, stronger, willing to do what it takes to keep your status in the group. You express yourself to make sure you are heard. You are surrounded by people of like minds who will have your back.

In the business of creativity, the same concept works. If you are alone, then usually you are quieter, more self-aware, and possibly timid towards stating ideas of change, or something new, or even just coming up with creative ideas. Alone, the fear of getting unwanted attention (ie: your boss scoffing at a new idea) can numb us to the point of not creating anything new.

But imagine if you had 3 or 4 or more people backing you, brainstorming with you, helping to create something entirely new. Seth Godin calls this group your tribe. Its formed up of people who are interested in the same thing, which is hopefully that which you brought them together for.

So how can you get power in numbers if you’re alone in your creative department? Bring in outside help. Get that guy who always has a funny story at the break room. Invite friends to a meeting at a coffee shop. Grab the janitor who smiles and says good morning every time you walk past. Or maybe even suggest a weekly in-house meeting with people from different divisions in your company to do a 30 minute brainstorm on current problems.

THEY are out there. You just have to bring them together. Surround yourself with your tribe, and feel the flow of power. You want to be that group of teens: self-assured and ready for something really sweet and new.

Where did you find your creative group??

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