Today Twitter announced some new design changes to its profile pages. One especially big change is that you can now add a header image to  your profile. More specifically, you can add an image under your photo/bio, which makes me think that in the next while things will still change more, as the header image is kind of hidden still.

Anyway, for those looking to get your own header image, here are steps to do it:

  1. Log into 
  2. Click on the little gear in the top right, beside the Search Box, and click on ‘Settings’
  3. From the left menu, select ‘Design’
  4. In the second section down, under the ‘Customize your own’ title, there is now a Header upload area.
  5. Find an image you want (has to be max 1200px wide by 600px high), and upload it.
  6. The next screen will let you shift the image how you want, in case the dimensions are not correct. Note, that your profile image and bio text is right in the middle of this, so try to keep any major graphics to the top, bottom or sides. See for how i did mine.
Have a cool image for a header? Link here to your profile for others to check out!!

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