Here’s a quick thought for restaurants that I find incredibly simple yet it’s hard to find one that actually does it: provide kleenex in bathrooms. Now I know this sounds simple, and potentially pointless, but it’s something people will notice.

Have you ever had to blow your nose or sneeze in a restaurant bathroom? You start fumbling for toilet paper, which is more annoying than anything.

I’m a fan of hot food, including chicken wings, and one thing that normally happens with spicy food is a runny nose. Restaurants who serve wings or other spicy food could build a better brand, even if just subconsciously by providing this simple convenience to it’s patrons. I can name local restaurants that have gone that extra step.

So why don’t more restaurants do this? Cost? Added chore in bathroom cleaning?

Branding happens in the restaurant as well as outside it. Extra steps can matter to your customers. Even these little ones.

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