In the past it was common in larger companies to have what was called ‘Board Room’ talks, where discussions were lead by one person at the ‘head’ of the table, which was normally the CEO or manager, who’s decision was what the company went with.

Companies now are finding that a ‘Roundtable’ format is more conducive to new ideas, better futures and a general feeling of togetherness in the office. There is no one person who is right all the time. Anyone could have the best answer to a question. Anyone could be the one to really see the future direction best for the company.

There is now less pyramid structure when it comes to discussions, and more of a circle feeling. A good CEO knows that instead of commanding, he or she must instead create a circle of smart people around them and through that lead the company.

King Arthur had it right. In terms of answers, ideas, thoughts, there is no one right one, no head to which all thoughts are perfect. Its all even now.

I don’t mean that one person in change may not have more experience in business, but a good leader will see the value of being open and surrounding themselves with people who don’t just take orders.

The time for the board room is done. Its all about circles now.

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