What is Twitter priority you ask? Its my plan to reduce my Twitter feed to only those tweets that are worth seeing. I don’t care if your cat just threw up or you prefer black socks over white. I do want to know where you are (note: I’m not a stalker. I just find location-based apps fun.) and what you’re saying about major topics or conversations. I want my feed to be designed just for me, without having to un-follow people or block certain words. I find everyone I follow to have a unique and worthwhile voice, but just not all the time.

So what I want is a ranking system that only publishes tweets with a 3+ out of 10 ranking to my feed. The others that are 2 or 1 or 0 can just go float in the internet forever. I don’t know if this could be done by number of replies to a post, or retweets or just simple voting by people, but I think it can be done. Google’s Gmail now has priority inboxes, so that you can see the important stuff first, and the less important later if you want, so why can’t Twitter?

Dear Twitter,

Please make this happen then get back to me with royalties.

Yours Truely,


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