Have you ever gone to an event to meet other tweeters and have no idea who those people are because their twitter names are something like @sweet_tea or @business_man_1982? You have to introduce yourself, get their name, then get their ‘other’ name to make an association with their online presence.

I know name tags that say “Hello my name is…” are very annoying, never stay on, clash with your fashion, and are very last year.

So what I’m suggesting probably already exists, but if its not available in this area, I’m open to business partners who want to get into it (any local screen printers up for a new idea??). My idea, with zero research into it, are shirts that have your twitter name screen-printed onto them. Then people can make associations with your online persona and move past the embarrassing “So who are you again?” point.

And you don’t have to stop at this. We could create business shirts, toques, etc. Get into style, while promoting your twitter name and making yourself recognizable.

So who’s in? My ideas, your printing press.

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