Hello everyone. My name is Aaron and I’m an update junkie.

Wow that feels better.

Have you ever turned on your Mac* or i-device and seen that red number appear on the app store icon, or had the software update box come up, and got excited wondering what was new? Yah that’s me. I have a craving for updates to the point where I’ll manually check for software updates if I haven’t seen one come up recently.

I love the fact that the App Store tells you when your programs are out of date. I wish it would connect to all my programs. I also love finding new apps and trying them out. ‘Free’ is a keyword that is the icing on a new app cake.

That being said, I thought I’d list a few resources I use to keep up on tech and apps for other closet update junkies.


1. Mac App Store

The ‘Featured’ and ‘Top Charts’ are a great way to find new apps, tho it is becoming more and more targeted towards paid apps and not free. This is still a great place to check out what’s new and hot and many do have a free ‘Lite’ version.

2. Free App a Day

For a daily new app that you can grab for free, check out this site. Targeted towards iPhones, iPads and now Androids. Some days the app isn’t the best, other days it’s a well-selling app. It’s just by luck and constant checking that you’ll get the jewels.

3. iusethis.com

i use this is a interesting resource for new programs for Mac, PC and iPhone. It shows new apps by date, allows for ‘Opinions’ and lets you click on ‘i use this’ to show how many people this app hits (based on websites viewers of course). Kind of gives you a good idea of how new and good an app is as you can sort by ‘at least 10 users’.


Of course websites like Techcrunch or Mashable are great sources of info on all things tech as well.

I’d be interested to know how other update junkies get their fixes as well. Let me know what other sites/resources you use!



*I’m assuming if you see something pop up on a PC you have a bone-crunching cringe…I could be wrong

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