For those of you on Twitter, you’ll know what Follow Friday is. For those who aren’t, Follow Friday is a trend that has been going on Twitter for some time now. On Fridays, its a day to tell the rest of the Twitter world about some of the people you follow, and suggest that they follow also.
Normally it will look something like this:

Its a list of names, with the hash tag #FF. Sometimes its more in depth, with a brief explanation.

What I decided to do was to take it even further than the 140 characters and tell everyone why I follow certain people, and why you should too.

Clayton Morris (@ClaytonMorris)

Clayton is a broadcaster for Fox and hosts a couple of very sweet podcasts. I started following Clayton when I came across his former podcast, Today In Social Media. His other podcasts are The Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe and The Paranormal Report. His tweets are normally fun and informative in the areas of social media, bizzare stuff and general news. The illustrated icon he uses sometimes is also just fun.

Karen Bell (@KtotheB)

Karen is such an inspirational person that it would be hard not to follow her. Having met her in real life just adds to the uniqueness of her attitude to life. She posts positive thoughts throughout the day and has a blog to back her up. She is also a dog lover, which is just another point towards her coolness.

Chase Adams (@REALChaseAdams)

Chase is one of those guys who seems to really connect with a lot of people. A programmer by trade, he seems to be a pivitol coordinator for #UsGuys, a Twitter group that I regularly connect with. He keeps conversations going online to bring them to their full potential, and is a great source for information.

London Homelessness Outreach Network (@LondonHON)

This is a grassroots group of people in London, Ontario who want to make a difference in the lives of those living in or below poverty within our own city. The posts on Twitter are by Abe Oudshoorn and if they are anything like his own Twitter account, the info he passionately brings about homelessness is worth following.

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