Choosing a business or blog name is hard, but what is harder is changing it once you’ve got a following. This is why it is very important to choose a name you like right from the beginning. The name should be informative, memorable and not a fad.

What do I mean by this?
First let’s look at the ‘informative’ part. New brands that try to go with the single word names normally end up confusing people. This is why many new companies should (and do) have explanation names or at least sub-names.
To explain, a name like “PowerPro Nutritional Supplements” is a lot more informative than simply “PowerPro”. If you’re brand is well known, like say, Coke, then you’re welcome to get rid of any explanations.

The explanation part could also be a sub-name, or tagline, as long as its used everywhere. So in this case, it could be “PowerPro – Your Nutritional Suppliment Supply”.

Second, the ‘memorable’ part of a name is really essential. How many times have you tried to remember a company name when you need to, and just couldn’t come up with it. You know, that carpet company….guy with the goatee….drove that van…. Yah, obviously didn’t have the most memorable name. So when deciding a name, go with something that is easy to spell (no ‘z’ where an ‘s’ should be!), something that is easy to remember and something unique to your area(if your company is local). Don’t pick one that is already used or close to it. Choose a name that if you tell your friends, spouse, brainstorming group, they’ll be able to tell someone else what it was three days later without having to really think about it.

Lastly, stay away from trends and fads, unless you’re really pushing for that kind of theme, or know it will be a short-term online business. Things like ‘Twerking Fitness’ may get some hits now, but in the long run it most likely won’t be a usable name. Choose a name that will last and allows for expansion.
One of the best ways to think of a blog or business name is to look at what’s out there. Here are some great examples: – Easy to remember, really explains what it should be talking about before you even know what it is. – again, memorable and explains what it should be about. – even without seeing this blog, you should know its about running, but the name is also catchy.
When you do choose a name, my advice is to run it by a few people, whether its your spouse, friends or in your business group. Just take all opinions with a grain of salt, but if the same questions/comments come up, you know something has to be done.

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