Napoleon was once asked whether he preferred courageous generals or brilliant generals. Neither, he replied; he preferred lucky generals.

Luck and risk go hand in hand in both war and business. In most cases, only with taking a risk can a battle or business be succeeded successfully. The problem with a risk though is that bad luck can also mar the outcome, but without taking a risk, good luck cannot happen either.

When growing a company, risk must be assumed but we have to be ready for luck to take hold, whether its good or bad. This is the problem our society has, when science and logic are seen as pillars in our lives, luck is not wanted or counted on.

When Napoleon said he preferred lucky generals, I do believe that he knew the lucky ones were also ones who took risks and won battles. While there is a chance of losing a battle or a business deal when a risk is taken, without that risk luck cannot take hold and great outcomes would not happen.

Only the best planners account for luck in a business strategy, knowingly risking with good and bad luck in mind and being ready for either. Therein lies the key. Risk with knowledge of both outcomes in good and bad luck and without risk no luck will come.

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