When it comes to being self assured, one simple little act can make a big difference. Your physical stature can send a message to those around you which then can subconsciously rebound to you. I don’t mean that if you’re short, you are screwed in life. I mean how you physically stand can say a lot about you and in the eyes of others reflect how you perceive yourself, and therefore how they perceive you.

A very easy way to project confidence is to stand tall, shoulders and head back, with a look to take on the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re nervous or scared out of your mind at a current situation. Standing tall gives off the image of “I’m ready to take this on”.

If you’ve ever people watched, you can spot the people who are depressed, downtrodden, un-assured by their stature. The mental weight some people carry gets transferred to the physical, and most people can pick this up subconsciously. So going into important meetings or just meeting new people, a slouched posture immediately says that you are not powerful, can be controlled and may not be worth their time. On the other end, if you stand up straight, imagine your posture being one of power, then people will respect and listen.

If it helps, picture yourself acting like someone big and powerful. One person that comes into my mind is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Imagine you are him: tall, big chest, full of confidence. Walk like him. Be him in your mind. Pretend you have his confidence. How does that feel?

If you go through life standing tall, it will affect your own mentality and give you extra confidence, and eventually become natural.

Practice this always, even when you are alone. Walk tall through your house, especially if something is on your mind or you’re nervous about something coming up. Just the act of standing tall can calm your mind and make you ready for whatever is coming next.

Practice and it will become you. Always stand tall.

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