A few weeks ago I posted about how you should “Go Out Looking Your Best“, where the basic idea was that no matter where you go, what you are doing, you should dress to impress (to use an overused phrase). I said that you should take the time to make sure you look as good as possible, or you’ll send the wrong message to people you meet who could influence your life.

Well-known entrepreneur, businessman and Dragon’s Den investor Robert Herjavec recently was featured in Harry Rosen magazine, talking about his ideas of fashion and how to dress. Here are some of the points he makes:

“It never ceases to amaze me,” he says, “how many people take so little care about their personal style. I don’t know whether they believe that there’s an arrogance in dressing well, but I think that in this day and age, where you’re flooded with data and touch points, you have to make an impression even faster than you did before.”

“Harry [Rosen] had a huge impact on my life,” says Herjavec. “He used to say a well-dressed man has an overall appearance that tries to make a point. … People think to dress well you need a lot of money and you need a lot of suits. What I learned is that it’s better to buy one really good suit and accessorize it with a wardrobe than buy five not-so-good suits.”

When asked about silver-screen inspirations, it’s Gordon Gecko in the 1987 blockbuster, Wall Street, who Herjavec mentions. “There’s the scene where he buys the airline and he walks out onto the trading floor with these irate shareholders and he’s wearing a dark navy suit with a white shirt and a blue tie with small white dots and he begins to talk, and his entire presence is so powerful and so calming,” he says. ‘That confidence he exudes: that, for me, is the iconic sense of style.”

Coming from someone who has had so much success, it is hard not to listen.

See the full story on his website: www.robertherjavec.com

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  1. What is the name of the manufacturer that makes Robert’s Herjavec ‘s dark green blazer with the light blue windowpane plaid that he has worn on Shark Tank? Where can one purchase this jacket?

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