About Me

My name is Aaron. I’m a 35 year old website developer, business consultant and passive website creator. I live near Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada, play a number of sports (yes, golf is a sport), and do my best to live a good life.

This site is a combination of two aspects of my life: web development/SEO and creating websites to generate passive income online.

I’m no brilliant expert that has mastered the online world to the point of amassing millions of dollars, but rather I’m building a potential portfolio of websites and businesses that will provide an ongoing income that over time will *hopefully* amount to something decent.

My goal with this site is to provide information, as I figure it out myself, to those in the same journey that I am in. I have a long background of website development which is an asset when starting websites on your own from scratch, and have a started a number of companies – online and offline, past and present – that will add to what I can contribute here.

I’m available for freelance WordPress Website Development, SEO consulting and AODA Website Consulting.